Panacea Healthcare Solutions • 2533 Windguard Circle • Suite 102 • Wesley Chapel, FL  33544 • Toll Free: 866-926-5933  Copyright® 2011 Panacea Healthcare Solutions   Register Free Now ! Interested in a Free Cost Reduction Estimate? Risk Free Spend Analysis & Strategic Sourcing Services We provide flexible billing options for our services. Clients can choose between a contingency-based (gain sharing) fee, traditional fee for services or a combination of both solutions. Our contingency-based cost reduction solutions offer our clients the benefits of on-demand resources without the risks of upfront costs, consulting expenses and resource time consumption.  You can experience the rewards of an experienced consulting firm without assuming the upfront financial risks. Our organization stands apart… Our Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Services are conducted in an entrepreneurial and creative fashion. We have an unmatched database of pricing and contracts dating back to 1992. We do not mold our customers into a one-size fits all model, we custom tailor each solution to our unique client requirements. We offer people, processes and technologies in an on-demand model to help you when you need it. Use us where you see fit, you are not required to buy an end-to-end solution. We understand that your organization is unique and we do not force you to fit into a generic 7 step sourcing process. Our fees are only collected when actual, realized, tangible savings are achieved. We don't just deliver a written report; we help implement new programs, contracts and suppliers. Our services provide sustainable savings through the use of ongoing audit and continuous improvement programs. Comprehensive Profitability & Utilization Analytics (by Product Line, Payor, Physician, Patient and Provider) – for those hospitals not having an adequate decision support system, through our back-end data processing and consultative approach we will produce a comprehensive set of reports showing profitability and utilization trends, patterns, and results at a myriad of levels.  We can utilize an RCC or RVU costing approach and can even illustrate ordering pattern differences among Physicians. Comparative Financial & Productivity Analytics – we will prepare a customized set of comparative financial and productivity reports to meet your needs.  We will establish one or more customized peer groups to use for comparison purposes and we can compare your per unit costs at the cost center, drg and hcpcs level, and more. Our Services